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The Work Analysis Laboratory (Laboratório de Análise do Trabalho - LAT) carries out and supports researches that aim to maximize the quality of working conditions. LAT participates in the academic activities of the Department of Industrial Engineering at undergraduate and graduate levels, providing practical and theoretical classes, and advising on monographs, dissertations, theses and the development of research projects in the areas of Safety and Hygiene Ergonomics and Mathematical Modeling Applied to Experimental Ergonomics.

Its activities are related to studies on the topics of:

  • Thermal comfort;
  • Visual comfort;
  • Acoustic comfort;
  • Air quality;
  • Non-ionizing radiation;
  • Performance;
  • Mechanical vibration;
  • Anthropometry;
  • Occupational biomechanics;
  • Occupational stress;
  • Equipments for individual safety;
  • Evaluation and design of spaces and work equipment;
  • Post-occupation evaluation.


To conduct such studies, the laboratory has equipments for measuring environmental variables, recording and analyzing images, as well as equipments, software programs and appropriate physical space for carrying out its activities.

See here the list of equipments.


Where to find us

Campus I - Technology Center, Building K, 2nd floor, Room 199
João Pessoa - Paraíba - ZIP Code: 58051-900

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